Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bare Down There

At first I was shocked!
By the full deforestation, the rampant
Clear cutting of the old growth forest
The disappearance of all groundcover

You lifted up your skirt
And your bush had vanished
And then you said it was my turn
And you shaved my loins entirely

I was instantly longer of cock
And feeling quite naked indeed
Your mouth rewarded my daring
And initiated the shy smooth stranger

You were so utterly bare down there
With nary a hair, a curl, a tangle
No thatch on your snatch concealing
Its raw potent and profound beauty

You were absolutely bare down there
As nude as nude can be
More exposed, more vulnerable
Yet somehow far more powerful

Yes the Pubic Wars have been lost
But I see advantages for all citizenry
As your bare pussy envelops my cock
And labia cling to my swollen lingham

A fine full view of the spectacle
And no more pauses during oral sex
To fish pubic hairs from one's mouth
Now it's just smooth sailing on love's sea

Viva the Shaved Snatch!
Viva the Hairless Hardon!
Viva Smooth Skin on Smooth Skin!
Viva Really Naked Fucking!

(But late at night I do sometimes dream
Of the Hairy Hippie Girls…)

© Art Skyclad 2012

^ ^ ^

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hip Poetry (Ode to Her Hips)

Your hips are heaven-sent
For concluding the event…

^ ^ ^

Tuesday Sex Poem

I've gone sex mad on a Tuesday!
And can think of nothing else
I have my basic needs
I hunger for Japanese food
I crave cold beer and fine wine
I long for a great art museum
And most of all...
I dream of a good woman
Whose clothes fall to the floor
Who runs around naked
Who joins me in a swirling jacuzzi
Where we kiss and caress sublimely
In our steamy hot wet world
And we enjoy a lot of sex
Sublime Sex
Ecstatic Sex
Joyful Sex
Liberating Sex
Tuesday Sex...

^ ^ ^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Women I'd Like To Meet

Women interested in others and the world
Women who listen, read and think
Women who want to save the planet
Women who are interested in the universe

Women who are affectionate, kind, compassionate
Women who encourage, nurture, and inspire
Women who like to laugh and make me laugh
Women who don't live or love like accountants
("What have you done for me lately?")

Women with natural breasts and natural minds
Women who can dress like earth-loving hippies
Who sometimes wear nothing but toe rings and henna
Who always like to walk around the house naked

And women who are elegant at art openings
Who are all sophistication in an evening dress
Who are sublime in nylons, lycra, leather, or boots…
And dazzle in silk gloves, spiked heels and nothing else

Women who want to pose nude for me
Women who want to bellydance for me
Women who want to touch themselves for me
Who are unabashed, uninhibited, seductive…

Women who love to make love
Women who give pleasure unconditionally
Women who take pleasure mindfully
Women who are ready for anything…

^ ^ ^